Sports Injury Treatment in Solihull

If you are looking for sports injury treatment in Solihull then take a look at the Solihull Sports Injury Clinic in Solihull.  Atlas Sports Injury Clinic is located in Blossomfield Rd near the Solihull Railway Station and specialises in treating sporting injuries.

Top professional athletes like Boxer Frankie Gavin, Birmingham City Ladies Footballer Karen Carney, 400 hurdler Meghan Beesley and Nathan Woodward use the clinic for sports massage and injury treatment.  The clinic houses a dedicated running injury section to cater for running injuries and can offer advice on training and injury prevention as well as prescription orthotics, 3D laser foot scans and video gait analysis.

Our female sports massage therapist has worked as Michael Flatley’s personal massage therapist and spent 5 years on tour treating the dancers from Lord of the Dance.

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Sports Injury Clinic Solihull -The Running Injury Specialists

Sports Injury Clinic in Solihull has to be Atlas Sports Injury Clinic.              tel   0121 745 8792

If you are looking for a running injury specialists then visit the Solihull Sports Injury Clinic.  They have specialist practitioners and therapists to diagnose and treat your running injuries.

Prescription orthotics and foot inserts for flat feet, dropped arches, fallen arches and overpronating feet and ankles are supplied and fitted.

London Marathon, Birmingham Half Marathon or any others long distance running events will have runners that have to undergo many miles of training.  Overuse injuries will take their toll on tired legs and pain and injury symptoms are common. Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy is available at the Solihull Clinic

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